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What authorities recognize your company?

We have been in existence for nearly 20 years and are a ‘Proudly South African Company’ as well as members of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and recognized by the DTI.

Do you only supply people in South Africa?

We are happy to do business anywhere in the world, we have machines all around Africa and the neighbouring Islands as well as countries like Australia and New Zealand.

Do you have a buy back guarantee?

No, the vast majority of our customers are happy and successful, on the odd occasion that someone moves towns or countries we will assist in the on selling of the machine.

Do you have purchasing terms?

No, but we have a number of financial institutions that support us and also we have access to funds via many different Government Funding schemes. This is done via a network of consultants.

Are all your machines manufactured in Cape Town?

The majority of the machines are manufactured in Cape Town, some of the machines we import certain components; others are imported as a complete unit from factories that we have been dealing with for years, bearing in mind that we carry the warrantee and are particular about our brand.